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The demand for compact industrial trucks is highly topical, attributable to less and less space capacity and the requirement of decreasing production costs at the same time.
With our products we contribute to ensure a trouble-free procedure of your production.

 MKF establishes on site the range of duty of the projected vehicle. 

We will discuss all points to be clarified jointly and find the best possible solution. In the process your demands are of utmost priority!


MKF Kompaktstapler CS 400 G


After having defined application and range of duty the technical specifications are defined.  

Thereafter, a custom-made vehicle originates step-by-step, most part of which is hand-made by MKF according to the highest quality standard.

Contributing to our products enjoying strong demand are robust materials, proven quality components and substantial processing.
Therefore, not only customers from Germany, but also from Great Britain, France, Austria and Switzerland are relying on the trademark MKF.

We are able to offer a suitable solution even for the most difficult assignments because of non-bureaucratic decision making and high flexibility in production. [Next]  




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