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The housings of our vehicles are made of 100 mm thick solid steel plate.

They are hydrostatically driven by a variable displacement pump, propelling the drive wheels by means of oil motors.

All lift trucks can be fitted with super elastic tyres thus obtaining a more comfortable ride, and the point load is significantly less in comparison with press-on tyres.

The working hydraulics is driven by a low-noise internal gear pump. Operation is carried out with an hydraulic pilot-controlled joystick.



The vehicle electrics is built up on a simple pattern.
As much as necessary, as little as possible!

This logic is based on the experience that our machines are much more robust and resistant to failures than those of the competitors.


The duplex or triplex lifting frame (with free lift on demand) ensures free sight for the driver.

The cabin can be hydraulically raised and can be fitted with doors, slide windows and lighting.

The comfortable seat, air condition*, heating* and a radio* ensure agreeable, ergonomic working. 


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